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One week short of his first birthday, Jax fell ill.  He was not himself, he had been wetting through every diaper possible and was so thirsty.  That week he lost 1/3 of his body weight.  After 3 doctor visits and/or calls, and my baby being so ill that he could barely stay awake, he was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.  This was a day full of tears and yet relief as I was now able to know how to treat him.  Fast forward to today.  He is a happy rambunctious toddler that loves to play and wrestle with his brothers who so far are free from T1D.  He eats well and to the naked eye appears to be a "normal and healthy child".  This is part in due to the devices he must wear, a glucose monitor and a pump.  Technology has come a long way but this does come at a price.  Each year I dreadedd the medical bills and wondered if we would ever be able to  get out of my parents' home. THIS is how Mom's Dough began.  It is a way to grow a business and help with the astronomical bills we have.  We now have our own home for our boys to play in.  One day I also hope to be able to have a D.A.D (Diabetes Awareness Dog) for Jax but they as there are times where the devices do malfunction.  The DAD is very expensive so it is a long term goal in addition to be able to send Jax to a Diabetes camp. I am grateful to have family that helps and now with Mom's Dough the ability to help pay for Jax's supplies and also bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes.  Thank you for supporting Jax and please learn about the symptoms.  My son was hours away from death.  The average age for diagnosis is 8-10 years but as we know it can happen at any time.  Also, it is NOT diet driven and is not Type 2.   Feel free to stop by our booth at a Farmer's market or email us through the website if you would like to learn more.  Again, enjoy our products and thank you again for your support.

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