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We created a micro bakery and business strategy iin order to covere some of the costs of my son Jax's diabetes supply needs each year. I am blown away by the support, the volunteers who will help distribute orders and everyone adding friends to the Facebook group (psst go find and ask to join on Facebook “Moms Dough - The Bread Lady” for more info and follow instagram @moms_dough). I always felt a little envy for people who ran small businesses out of their home. I felt I didn’t have any real talents that I could sell, but really wanted to be part of the small business community and make a little bit of income for a good cause. I’m not artsy, so making jewelry or decorating cups wasn’t in the cards for me, but .... baking? I do love to cook. Particularly carbs.  My mom loves to ferment and makes sourdough and kombucha and her own pickled veggies. One day, I thought out loud “what if we created a bread store? And made a ton of items out of your starter?”. After a few days of thinking it through, I started it off and bam! Now we are even beginning to ship across the country. I am so excited to keep coming up with new things to sell with my mom and spread awareness of the cost of diabetes as a whole. The price of his livelihood is steep but a healthy kid is priceless. And if it means I’m up at 5am with the kids and then prepping orders all night every night so that we can make sure he gets whatever he needs, I’ll do it with a smile on my face.

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